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Making Connections Worldwide

IDR Global

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Extensive Experience In Distribution

IDR Global

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  • Making Connections Worldwide
  • Extensive Experience In Distribution

Trade Focus

Import Export Business

IDR have been involved in the import-export business since 1991.

We have extensive experience in establishing the following:


  • Distribution networks
  • Business negotiatons
  • Trade representation
  • Marketing services
  • Freight logistics
  • Customs regulations
  • Trade practices


Our primary Focus

IDR Global Trade Focused

IDR Global Trade Focused

Currently our primary focus is in exports of Irish manufactured products to Guatemala, Central America, imports of products from Guatemala, Central America to Ireland and Europe,and imports of products from Spain.


  • Imports of coffee, sugar and tea from Guatemala to Europe,
  • Exports of pharmacuetical products from Ireland to Guatemala & Central America,
  • Exports of food products from Ireland to Guatemala,
  • Imports of alchohol products from Guatemala to Europe,
  • Exports of alchohol products from Ireland to Guatemala,
  • Imports of espresso machines from Spain to Ireland,
  • Imports of doors and home furnishings from Spain to Ireland,
  • Import of lighthing products from UK and China,
  • Imports of gifts and promotional products from Europe and China to Ireland & other European counties.


Trade Experience

Since 1991, our export experience includes the UK, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, USA and Guatemala, Central America. Our import experience mainly includes UK, Spain , Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Guatemala, Central America.


Business Networking

IDR Global - Making Connections Worldwide

IDR Global – Making Connections Worldwide

IDR have extensive contacts in the business community in Ireland, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Guatemala , Costa Rica and China. Our contacts include distributors, large retailers, manufacturing companies and raw materials producers.

Our key focus is on making connections between businesses that can trade with each other.

In several markets, we have excellent contacts in government departments, trade agencies and and legislative organisations that influence and affect the ability to import new products to new markets.


Marketing Services and Language Capabilities

IDR Global staff are fluent in English, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin Chinese. Translation and communication services are also available in several other languages.
IDR can provide marketing services in our key market areas.

Services include marketing planning, identification of and negotiation with distributors, advertising services, printing and design, digital marketing and web design, merchandising and pricing.
Our Irish marketing services business was established in 1991.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

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